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St. Louis, Missouri, August 5, 2022

For more information, contact Dr. Robert Lawrence Salter 314-997-4567, Ext. 4

Today MARS Productions announced the release of a new album, The Journey, a solo debut for their newest vocalist Scotty. Having been in the music industry for some time, starting out as a saxophonist, then transitioning into radio as a DJ, Scotty now launches his latest endeavor as a vocal recording artist. 

The Journey is a collection of eleven amazing gospel songs that demonstrate Scotty’s tremendous versatility in adapting his smooth, “clear word” voice, to different categories of Gospel genre. Framed in spiritual awareness, this unique album features: Techno Praise (Christian Electronic Dance Music) in Overcomer; Afro Praise (Contemporary Nigerian African gospel) in Look Up Child, All About Jesus and In Your Name; Southern Gospel (Country) in He Knows My Name; Urban Contemporary Gospel (African American) in Way Maker, Ain’t That Just Like God, and This Is A Move; Christian Musical Theater in I Choose Christ; and yes, Christian Pop (Contemporary Christian Music) in You Say and Look No Further.

If you identify as a Christian . . . and feel depressed or find yourself angry with God because of a circumstance you don’t understand, The Journey is music therapy prescribed for you. Scotty, your Worship Leader, will guide you through an awe-inspiring, 11 song, four-step spiritual rehab journey. 

Step One – ASSESSMENT. In Overcomer, Scotty believes that you can rise above the loneliness and despair of today. Scotty directs you to Look Up, Child and say I Choose Christ. When you do that, Scotty assures, without a doubt, that the Lord is a Way Maker . . . because, at the end of the day, it’s All About Jesus.

Step Two – DETOX. However on the real side, Scotty understands that Walking in the Spirit can be difficult; real-life situations can and do bring anxiety and doubt. But in those moments of fear, Scotty urges you to hang on to God’s promises and claim them when You Say. Then Look no Further . . . just shout He Knows My Name over and over, and amazingly, blessings will start falling out of nowhere - now Ain’t That Just Like God? Amen!

Step Three – THERAPY. Next, you realize you just can’t keep all that glory to yourself. You’re on fire to go, teach, and baptize . . . telling every nation, kindred, tongue and people about the Good News of Jesus and His glorious second coming. You now are recommitted to keep His Commandments as you boldly march to victory singing In Your Name. 

Step Four – RECOVERY. But here’s the best part: The Journey revives the lukewarm Church and prepares it for what we’ll experience as disciples in heaven and yes, right here on earth! Scotty says, “turn the music up loud . . . take The Journey . . . let the Holy Spirit” rehabilitate your mind” and discover or rediscover your purpose driven life.

About Scotty

My given name is Robert Lawrence Salter, and I am a native of St. Louis, Missouri. I hold a bachelor’s degree from University of Health Sciences and Pharmacy . . . a master’s degree in Health Administration from St. Louis University . . . and a doctorate degree in Education Administration from Lindenwood University. A typical Gemini, I have pursued two professional careers at the same time. While my “day job” has always been in healthcare, I have always had a passion for the music industry using the artist’s name Scotty.

Track List & Availability 

1. "Overcomer" 2. "Look Up Child" 3. "I Choose Christ" 4. "Waymaker"

5. "All About Jesus" 6. "You Say" 7. "Look No Further" 8. "He Knows My Name" 9. "Just Like God" 10. "This Is a Move" 11. "In Your Name"

Physical CD available through Amazon or order through MARS Productions via 

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